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How to help excessive teenage sweating

There is so much happening during puberty and beyond that it is hard to know how to prevent a teenager from sweating. This time of life is a time when the body is growing fast and the onset of adulthood is producing new symptoms one of which is excessive teenage sweating.

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The time that this period of over sweating occurs for most teenagers is only a year or so and it usually stops by the time they reach the age of eighteen. It can become a life long problem for a small minority of people (about 1 %) and these people have to follow a multi faceted approach to help them get through life with the problem of too much sweat.

For teenagers the solutions can be difficult because the drugs and surgery options really are not safe or recommended as the problem is usually only for a few years duration. You do not want to be taking strong drugs at this age unless it is really necessary. The side effects can be worse than coping with the excess sweating.

The obvious simple things such as regular washing and wearing natural fabrics that breath are easy to implement. The only other strategy that can be successful is a change of diet. You need to major on natural unprocessed foods that do not raise the metabolic levels which is one of the causes of excess sweating.

So no more sugar, sweets, chocolates, crisps, burgers and the like. You need to focus on fruit, vegetables, grains and unprocessed foods. These foods slowly release their nutrients into the body over hours rather than minutes. The body slowly assimilates natural foods which is better for it. This may help solve the problem for the difficult teenage years. More Teenage sweat solutions HERE

What you eat can affect how much you sweat

Have you ever noticed than when you eat a hot curry you perspire more than normal. Well this is no accident. The spices and herbs in these types of dishes make the food taste hot but also speed up your metabolism and sends your blood round your body much faster. This in turn makes you sweat too much.

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There is another group of foods that also make you sweat more and that is a group I call overprocessed foods. This is basically convenience foods and meals such as chocolate, ready meals, crisps, hamburgers and the like. There are chemicals in these overprocessed foods that make your body work much too hard to digest them. One of the side effects of this is excessive sweating.

Even plain white bread can be a problem for very sensitive people. To reduce the effect that your diet has on your sweating you should include more unprocessed simple foods such as fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, wholegrains, etc.

If you make a change in your diet away from the overprocessed foods you should see a big improvement in your excess sweat problem.

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Anxiety as a cause of sweating

The moment someone tells me not to worry I start worrying. When I think to myself that I must not be anxious then anxiety sets in. For people like me who suffer from excessive sweating this is not good news. The anxiety can even be about the problem of too much sweat. Anxiety is now recognised as a major cause of

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hyperhidrosis (posh word for sweating too much). It is not as serious as sweating caused by diabetes or other medical conditions but is bad enough.

For me I know that being anxious sets my heart and pulse going faster and this gets the blood pumping round my body even faster and then I start sweating too much. If I know ahead of time that I have a difficult meeting to deal with or that there will be an argument or disagreement then I know that I will start sweating before and during the meeting. This does not help me to get my side of the story told because I am also following the agenda my body is running which is excess sweat.

I have taught myself to plan for these occasions ahead of time and give myself time. I literally say to myself “What’s the worst that can happen” and I know that whatever that is will not happen.

Time pressure is the other area that can create anxiety and you can often do little about this. I tell myself that being there a bit late and cool is better than getting into a panic and arriving hot and bothered. I am an excellent time keeper because of years of practice on this

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The 3 simple everyday methods to stop sweating

When you are trying to combat sweating day in day out sometimes you can forget to do the simple things that will help you.

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Plan your day to reduce sweating

Deal with time pressures by organising your day as much as possible. If you can plan your day so that you are not rushing around from one appointment to another you will reduce the stress you are living with and so reduce your sweating.

Eat a sensible diet

By eating a wide combination of foods throughout the day you will put less discomfort on your digestive system. If you eat fast food and sugary snacks all day your body will need to go into hyperdrive to deal with it and you will sweat more as a result.

You did have a shower this morning didn’t you?

If you didn’t you may not notice but plenty of other people will. Get up 5 minutes earlier and take a shower daily. If you have a sweat problem you do not need to even discuss this. The chemicals in sweat have give you a body odor and you need to have a fresh start every day.

While you are doing these 3 simple everyday methods to stop sweating you can also look at trying to cure your sweating problem by following the Stop sweating and start living program. This revolutionary program to stop sweating has proven very successful and has gained international respect for its straightforward easy approach. You can find out more by clicking HERE

Underarm pads as a treatment for underarm sweating

Do you suffer from embarrassing underarm sweating?

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Are your clothes always getting sweat marks that will not come out?
Are you looking for a way to stop the problem

There are a number of underarm pad solutions on the market and for some people they are a good solution. This is what they do.

• protect clothing from stains and odours
• absorb excess sweat from your arms
• they are very discreet and thin
• they are easily applied with self-adhesive strips
• they are suitable for all fabrics
• they are made with hypoallergenic material

The pads can be sewn into your clothes permanently or stuck on with sticky pads.

If your sweat problem is restricted to your underarm areas then underarm pads are a great and simple solution. If you are looking for a more permanent solution to stop sweating altogether then I would recommend the Stop Sweating and Start Living program that treats the causes of sweat and can provide a remedy in about 2 weeks. Learn more HERE

Is there a way to control facial sweating?

One of the most noticeable types of sweating is facial sweating. You can turn up nervously for a first meeting or an interview and your face starts sweating uncontrollably. At the very moment you want to look your best in all goes wrong and you end up feeling embarrassed and compromised. Even a small amount of sweat on the face can feel like its a small deluge to you. And people do notice it even though they may be too polite to say anything. You know what they are thinking.

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The traditional ways of dealing with underarm sweat do not work here because your face is not hidden. Antiperspirants and powders do not work and many modern creams make your face shiny.
If your facial sweat is stress related then you need to recognise this and try and prepare for potentially stressful situations. By mentally preparing for these life events you can go a long way to self treating it.

When I go to the gym I always take a full size bath towel to keep wiping my face with. (I know you are supposed to sweat in a gym but allow me a bit of vanity here!)
In the same way I always have a clean white handkerchief to hand. This is a prop as much as anything else as I rarely use it.

Does anyone in your family have the same sweat problem? Pick a good moment and see if they have found a cure. If they have what works for them will probably work for you.

If all this fails I have found a new solution. It is called Stop Sweating and Start Living and was developed by a fellow sufferer called Mike Ramsey. You can learn more details about it by clicking on the banner to the right of this article. The success rate is currently about 96% which is outstanding.

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Why do I Have Sweaty Palms?

You have sweaty palms for a number of reasons. To start with your hands are completely full of sweat glands all eagerly waiting to come out and cause problems. If other parts of your body are perspiring then your hands will.

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One of the most common causes is stress and worry in your life. For some reason this frequently comes out in our hands in the form of sweat. If you are under pressure in your work or elsewhere you know that you will perspire more and this includes your hands.

A second cause is overexertion either in your job or from highly vigorous sporting activities. If you over exert yourself then your hands will sweat more until you hve cooled down.

The third reason for sweaty palms is diet. If you are eating too higher proportions of proteins and fatty foods in your daily diet then this can be the cause. Many people who lose weight in the famous Atkins diet report that sweating palms are a common side effect.

If you have sweaty palms but do not seem to have a reasonable cause then you need to check with a doctor that there isn’t a more important underlying cause to your problem Read More HERE

Body Odor – Do you have a real long term problem or is the answer simple?

Body odor can have a serious cause or it can be simple neglect of the obvious. But sometimes even though we know we have a body odor problem we do not do the simple things to combat the problem.

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So, before looking at what may be the cause, check out the following steps to curing body odor.

  • Take a bath or a shower. Blindingly obvious but you need to bathe or shower regularly.
  • When you dry yourself make sure you do a good job. Bacteria like damp areas so dry yourself thoroughly after bathing
  • Change your clothes on a frequent basis. Particularly your underwear. Your body is giving off skin cells and bacteria all the time and your underwear is closest to where the action is.

Actually it is not your sweat that smells but the bacteria that develops with your sweat. The odor comes only after bacteria or fungi on the skin’s surface break down the fat in sweat to form chemicals that smell.
So if you do all these things and you have a continuing body odor problem then you may have a long term problem that needs medical help. But try the simple things first. Do you really have a sweat problem or are you just being lazy about bathing and changing clothes.
If you do the simple things and you still have a sweat problem then you may have a skin infection or a dietary problem that needs medical advice.

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Night sweating – do you have to live with it?

One minute you are fast asleep and the next you wake up dripping with sweat. There seems to be no reason for it but you feel completely drained and soaked in sweat. This common night time problem can be just a night time problem or a sufferer can also have the problem during the day.

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Sleep hydrosis is far more common than you realize but because of the levels of embarrassment it causes no one talks about it.

It is rarely a problem for children and usually starts in puberty. For teenagers sweating is a real peer problem. No one likes to be the smelly sweaty one.

Night sweating can often be caused by the events of the day before. This sounds obvious to say but think about what you did the day before. What did you eat. Did you do any exercise or just sit around watching TV.

If you consumed large amount of alcohol, that could be the problem. If you ate late and went straight to bed you body is still on full power and needs to wind down from the evening. It might be better to go to bed later and just cool down before you go to bed.

If you suffer from night sweating only occasionally then the causes are likely to be short term. If you sweat at night almost every night then you need to look at what the long term causes might be. You’ll also find that though this condition can start at any age, it usually begins in early adulthood. If left untreated this condition will be a challenge for you throughout your life. As result it is wise to address this problem head on right now.
Your doctor will be your first and often best adviser on how to stop night sweating. A few well asked questions can often get to the source of the sweat problem.

Do not use excessive antiperspirants as these can cause more problems than they solve. Night perspiration can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. It is not untreatable. There are many tactics you can use to stop sweating. Results are swift and long term. Learn more HERE

Is there a way to stop sweating?

Well there is and you have found the best solution. After suffering an intermittent sweating problem all my life I found an approach to stopping sweating that was both refreshing and effective. To see more information simply click HERE

You no longer have to live with this embarrasing problem.

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