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Melting sweat glands stops severe armpit sweat

Some cures for excess sweating can seem a bit desperate. But as you and I know, if you sweat profusely then you are desperate. This article runs through the process used to melt sweat glands under your arms. I am not sure whether this system is for use elsewhere but the ptocess looks transferable.

There are two main steps outlined. Firstly the underarm area is prepared with a special cream. Then a small microwave device is used to effect the melting process. RThe whole treatment takes about an hour.

Treatment stops severe armpit sweat

"Often, the excess sweating happens for no apparent reason, in cool rooms with no exertion. Now, doctors at the Westlake Dermatology Clinic are offering a new treatment that aims to stop the problem once and for all. It's called Miradry ."

Living in the UK means that I will not be able to try this out just yet. Still I am not having too bad a time of it at the moment. My standard practices of diet and not overexerting myself still work. The only thing that I find hard to control is the stress aspect. twenty first century living is inherently stressful and I can't escape my share of it anymore than you can.


How can I stop sweating buckets?

I completely understand this guy. Nothing seems to stop the continuous flow of excess sweat. It is interesting to read the doctor's take on the causes of sweat and to know that dealing with the problem is not an exact science. I can verify that for myself from personal experience!!

How can I stop sweating buckets?

"My son, who is 34, has suffered from sweating palms for many years — so much so he has to carry a cloth in his pocket to wipe them before shaking anyone's hand. He's tried acupuncture and hypnotism, but nothing has helped solve this problem.Daily Mail"

I have spent a life time trying to deal with excess sweat. The only way that I have found to help is a group of measures that I take. Together these measures help but I have to do them all the time and think about them all the time. I regulate my physical activity and my diet to reduce sweat. This is part of my daily life.