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Excess Sweating and Alcohol – You do not want to know this!

Well here in the UK summer has arrived for 2009. I have just spent an idyllic afternoon sitting in my garden in the sunshine. the temperature must have hit 25% centigrade which is very pleasant without being too hot.

Click Photo To Stop Sweating

Click Photo To Stop Sweating

There is even a cooling breeze wafting across the lawn and I am as cool as a cucumber. So Here I am sitting in the full sun and not a bead of sweat anywhere. Well OK maybe the odd signs of sweating but nothing to worry about. Certainly not the usual excess sweat I am used to having.

Alcohol and Excess Sweating

Then what do I do. I decide that the afternoon would be even more perfect if I had a glass of wine. That was a big mistake. Halfway through my glass of pinot grigio I can feel my temples welling up. Sure enough a few moments later There is sweat pouring down my face. I always find that alcohol affects my face more than anywhere else. Facial sweating is so hard to hide. I was sitting in my patio chair reading a book and my face was like rivers of sweat.

The Bad News About Sweat and Alcohol

For many people with a sweat problem alcohol is the trigger. For some it is the only trigger. For others it is one of a set of triggers. As well as an immediate onset of excess sweat you also will find that you sweat too much in bed. I have often woken up in the middle of the night dripping with sweat because of drinking wine or other alcohol during the previous day.

The Main Culprits

This is not a scientific list – just what I have discovered from experience. I find that certain drinks have a greater affect than others. The worst one by far is white wine. In particular sweet and medium white wine. Then there are sparkling wines, ciders and champagnes. Following this are strong beers and lagers. Then alcoholic drinks that have the least affect on excessive sweating are spirits and red wines.

Alcohol is not good for excess sweat

Alcohol is not good for excess sweat

The best thing to do of course is to abstain completely from alcohol which is what I do most of the time. This afternoon I simply couldn’t resist the idea of a glass of wine on a lovely English summer afternoon. My own fault really.

For more information on alcohol and the causes and cures of excessive sweating click here. the Stop sweating and start living information is just the best.

Can You Control Your Facial Blushing

If you suffer from heavy facial sweating you know that it nearly always comes with facial blushing. You know you are going to blush and you do not want to but it happens anyway.

Click Picture to Learn More

Click Picture to Learn More

The Facial Blushing Problem

It usually occurs very quickly and you feel heat in your face at the same time. Most face blushing comes from being embarrassed or from pressure situations. You do not have to be in company to blush but that is when it is most embarrassing.

Blushing is not an inherently bad thing and the bible even talks about a tribe who had “forgotten how to blush”. It shows that you are aware of yourself and also that you have not become hardened to emotions.

You will often know that you are going to blush ahead of time because you always do. Public speaking is a common example. I have done a great deal of public speaking and performing but I always blush at the beginning. It then goes away over the next 5 – 7 minutes. I know it is going to happen so I have learnt to accept it.

The worst time for me is when I get angry and I do not want the other person to know I am angry. This is a no hoper for me. I just go red faced with blushing.

The other time I recall blushing completely red was when a voluptuous alto singer picked me from the audience to serenade to. Oh happy memories.

How to Stop Blushing

I have tried many home remedies such as washing my face in cold water, washing all over in cold water. I have even tried to blush to order to get it over and done with before the event
I think it is almost impossible to control blushing but I have found one method that helps. If you want to know more Click Here!

This is a very simple audiobook on how to stop blushing that I have found helpful. I hope you do too.

Is there a way to control facial sweating?

One of the most noticeable types of sweating is facial sweating. You can turn up nervously for a first meeting or an interview and your face starts sweating uncontrollably. At the very moment you want to look your best in all goes wrong and you end up feeling embarrassed and compromised. Even a small amount of sweat on the face can feel like its a small deluge to you. And people do notice it even though they may be too polite to say anything. You know what they are thinking.

Click Photo To Learn More

Click Photo To Learn More

The traditional ways of dealing with underarm sweat do not work here because your face is not hidden. Antiperspirants and powders do not work and many modern creams make your face shiny.
If your facial sweat is stress related then you need to recognise this and try and prepare for potentially stressful situations. By mentally preparing for these life events you can go a long way to self treating it.

When I go to the gym I always take a full size bath towel to keep wiping my face with. (I know you are supposed to sweat in a gym but allow me a bit of vanity here!)
In the same way I always have a clean white handkerchief to hand. This is a prop as much as anything else as I rarely use it.

Does anyone in your family have the same sweat problem? Pick a good moment and see if they have found a cure. If they have what works for them will probably work for you.

If all this fails I have found a new solution. It is called Stop Sweating and Start Living and was developed by a fellow sufferer called Mike Ramsey. You can learn more details about it by clicking on the banner to the right of this article. The success rate is currently about 96% which is outstanding.

More information HERE