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What causes sweating

Anxiety as a cause of sweating

The moment someone tells me not to worry I start worrying. When I think to myself that I must not be anxious then anxiety sets in. For people like me who suffer from excessive sweating this is not good news. The anxiety can even be about the problem of too much sweat. Anxiety is now recognised as a major cause of

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hyperhidrosis (posh word for sweating too much). It is not as serious as sweating caused by diabetes or other medical conditions but is bad enough.

For me I know that being anxious sets my heart and pulse going faster and this gets the blood pumping round my body even faster and then I start sweating too much. If I know ahead of time that I have a difficult meeting to deal with or that there will be an argument or disagreement then I know that I will start sweating before and during the meeting. This does not help me to get my side of the story told because I am also following the agenda my body is running which is excess sweat.

I have taught myself to plan for these occasions ahead of time and give myself time. I literally say to myself “What’s the worst that can happen” and I know that whatever that is will not happen.

Time pressure is the other area that can create anxiety and you can often do little about this. I tell myself that being there a bit late and cool is better than getting into a panic and arriving hot and bothered. I am an excellent time keeper because of years of practice on this

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