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the most common form of sweating is underarm

Stop Sweaty Armpits Now – 3 Home Cure Methods

I was busy looking into the whole business of sweaty armpits so that I could write about the best home cures here. This is one of the most common sweat problems and the type I personally suffer from the most. I found this excellent article and thought I would republish it for you as it really looks at the problem in a good way. I hope it helps.

Stop Sweaty Armpits – 3 Secrets How You Can Effectively Combat Your Sweaty Armpits

By Rashad Heman

Nearly everyone has suffered from sweaty armpits at one time or another but for some it is a more excessive sweating and this can not only be very uncomfortable but very embarrassing as well because of the unpleasant odour that is given off and also it can cause sweat patches under your arms which again is very embarrassing. If you are looking to stop sweaty armpits then there are a few different things to consider.

Wearing sweat pads

to eliminate the dark sweat patches under your arms is one option but this is really only a short term fix and many people have said that they are not very effective anyway. If you want to reduce your sweating under your armpits then wearing cotton shirts is another way which will help you because the cotton will absorb moisture. Another method that you can try is to wax your armpit hair, because the armpit hair in the arm pits contain a lot of moisture which will eventually leave you with those dreaded sweat stains again and by removing the arm pit hair this will remove a lot of the sweat odour at the same time.

Regular exercise

Sweating is absolutely normal and is a regular occurrence for your body but one way that you will be sweating more is if your body is carrying too much weight. If you are overweight and do not keep in shape then this can cause your body to cool frequently there for you will be sweating more than normal and this then can lead to a constant serious sweat problem. Your body and muscles will be working harder than usual if you are over weight and you will end up sweating much more so just make sure that you keep in shape so that you can make sure this particular problem never effects you. Not all sweat problems are because of being over weight however if you keep yourself healthy and in shape you will be certain that your sweat problem is not due to the fact that you are over weight.

Lemon juice and talcum powder

When trying to conquer your sweat problem you are best off going for natural treatments and cures. Lemon juice is a very effective solution, all you have to do is rub it under your armpits after you have had a bath also this method does not have any side effects either. If you use talcum powder every day this will absorb the sweat, and make sure you shower or bath in the morning and in the evening this will help you to stay as fresh as possible. Stay away from spicy foods and more importantly make sure you stay in shape and exercise on a regular basis.

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Washing And Sweaty Armpits

One of the most common forms of sweating is underarm sweating. This type of sweat problem is often long term. It is not something that comes and goes. Because of this someone who has this type of sweat problem has to look for a long term cure for their sweating problem.

Washing Routines and Sweaty Armpits

People suffering from sweaty armpits need to have a regular washing routine. Many experts say that you should wash as often as you need to to solve the sweat problem. This might work with some people but it is not always the best thing to do. The first thing to be clear about is that washing is completely necessary as part of your cure for sweat. What is not so clear is the best way to go about it.

Bacterial Soap

The first thing to know is that you should be using bacterial soap. This is because most of the sweat odour is the result of bacteria developing in the sweat that you have. The sweat is not making you have body odour. It is the bacteria in the sweat that makes you smell. So using the right kind of bacterial soap is the first step to get right in your washing routine.

Washing Frequency

You should wash only 2 times a day. That is the maximum unless you do some strenuous physical activity such as gym training or jogging. The reason is that the more you wash the more your body works at releasing the essential oils and sweat from your skin. If you restrict your washing routines then your glands will not be constantly reacting to your over-washing.

Because you are limiting your washing to 2 times per day you should try and make them every 12 hours. Most people wash in the morning which is obviously right. So just wash in the early evening. If you restrict your washing routines in this way your body will usually adjust to the routines and stop sweating so much. It will usually take two to four weeks for you to notice the improvement.

If you do not see any change and still have too much sweat coming from your armpits then you will need to take other measures to stop sweating. The best program I have found is the “Stop Sweating and Start Living” course. This course uses natural techniques including the washing advice I have given here. The success rate is very high and most people with sweaty armpits will find that their problem improves.

Armpit Sweating Problems for Teens

When you are a teenager you have a pile of pressures on you. One of the biggest problems is the body changes that take place during puberty. Armpit sweating problems are one of the problems that is very hard to deal with when you are in your teens. Apart from the sweat problem itself there is the problem of how you feel about yourself. Self esteem is still developing and something as mundane as armpit sweating can come as a real knock. Youngsters can be very unkind towards each other and a teenager’s sweat problem can be a big target for teasing. This will have a large effect on the life of your teenager.

Diagnosing Your Teenager’s Armpit Sweat Problem.

For many teenagers this excess sweat is just a phase. They will literally grow out of it. This doesn’t help while the problem exists but does give you a bit of hope for the future. The other good news is that there are sweating treatments available for teenagers. Before you settle on how you are going to solve your teenagers sweat problem you need to find out what the cause is.

The likelihood is that the problem runs in the family and will go away as they grow up. But there certain cases where there will be an underlying health problem that needs proper diagnosis and treatment from a doctor. The medical professionals will work through a series of tests and trial and error to check out the cause of the excess sweat.

Other Types Of Sweat Problems

While Sweating In the armpits is the most common type of sweating there are other types that can trouble your youngster. The most common other issues for teenagers are plantar hyperhidrosis which is feet sweating and facial sweating. The facial sweating often is related to stress and pressure of life. Other types are night sweating and sweating in the groin area.

What you are hoping for is that the sweat problem is easy to treat and is a short term problem. There are some people however who suffer with these problems all their life. In these cases you need to change certain aspects of your life to reduce the onset of sweat as much as possible. These life changes involve making certain dietary changes and other changes in lifestyle to accommodate your long term sweat problem. They are not too hard to implement and do not need any drugs or special treatments.

Stop Excessive Armpit Sweating

Extreme armpit sweating is really a health-related situation that’s also known as hyperhydrosis, and which can be usually a result of an over activity of sweat glands. Extreme armpit sweating can also be brought on by an uncontrolled operating of the nervous program, and it can occur on numerous areas with the physique, such as the face, hands and feet particularly.

Causes of Extreme Armpit Sweating

You will find really quite a few various elements that can be leads to of your excessive armpit sweating, one particularly being an issue with the sweat glands. You will find two kinds of sweat glands that create excessive armpit perspiration, which are eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine sweat glands are ones which are distributed throughout the human physique, and which produce sweat that’s mainly composed of water with numerous salts.

The apocrine sweat glands are these which create throughout the early to mid puberty stages and which release more than regular quantities of sweat for approximately per month after which regulate on their own and begin only releasing regular quantities of sweat following a particular period of time. These sweat glands are situated wherever there is physique hair on the physique and so they produce sweat that consists of fatty supplies, and are primarily present within the armpits and around the genital region.

The Real Sweat Problem

Most people who are afflicted by excessive armpit sweating also suffer from other sweating problems, and this checklist can actually be quite long and consists of other places on the body this kind of as the genital area, the toes of one’s feet, your palms, forehead and even the face region. Extreme armpit sweating is considered as being the most typical and severe form of sweating, and thus the 1 which a lot of people are usually largely worried with.


When it comes to treatment for excessive sweating of the armpits you will find a few different options that you have. You’ll wish to think about all accessible options before deciding on any one so that you can properly determine which would be the very best option for you.

There are some people who would instantly go straight for the goods that are available in supermarkets and convenience shops, and then there are other people who choose natural or option methods of treatment for their sweating issue. For the individuals who would rather use a organic way to control their excessive sweating, there are numerous methods to do so.

Just make sure that you consult with your physician initial prior to attempting any method of therapy, no matter whether it appears safe or not, so that you can be sure that you won’t be putting yourself in hurt.

The Unwanted Effects of Anxiety and Sweating

Sweating is a natural process of the body to keep it cool and to keep the pores of the skin clean. It is also used to remove some toxins from the body. All this is quite normal and so long as we maintain the normal hygiene we have nothing to be concerned about.

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However there are some people who have very severe or constant sweating that is not just the body’s natural reactions. For these people sweating becomes unpleasant and even viewed as a blight on their lives. Their sweating glands have become over sensitive and sweating is often the result of trigger responses rather than the body‘s natural reactions. For some people it may be certain foods or even alcohol, while for others it is simply anxiety.

When anxiety is the cause it becomes much harder to control as the very nature of life is to experience new things and meet new people. However for those for whom anxiety is a trigger it becomes much harder to live a normal life. The condition is often hereditary and can therefore be isolating as people tend to mix with those who know and understand the problem.

There is treatment but as everyone is different each person needs to be assessed. For those of an anxious disposition this can seem quite daunting. Treatment can also be expensive. One of the most successful treatments is Botox injections. The injections work by blocking the nerves that supply the sweat glands. The treatment is highly specialised and needs to be done at dermatology clinics. It can cost anything from £450.00 for a treatment and needs to be repeated at regular intervals. The regularity of treatment will depend on how each individual responds. Some need it every few months while others may be alright for nine months.

Some people find strong antiperspirants like Anhydrol Forte and Driclor work while others turn to electrical stimulation or iontophoresis (these can be bought as home kits). There are others who resort to surgical answers and have an operation to cut the sympathetic nerves that control sweating. There is also a support group for sufferers called The Hyperhidrosis UK. The support group actually recommends using emollients rather than soap based products.

We all experience anxiety attacks at some time in our lives and it is learning how to deal with them that may offer more help to hyperhidrosis sufferers. The condition although hereditary, usually begins in childhood and is something that many just put up with as something that just happens. However it seems to be more embarrassing as people get older.

Real sufferers are not just a little damp. Their clothes can develop wet patches, their hands and feet can poor with sweat and their faces glow. It is rarely smelly as regular hygiene keeps the skin clean but it can be very uncomfortable. It is to be hoped that as the world in general becomes more aware of this condition so will methods of helping people conquer their anxieties increase. Learning different ways of dealing with everyday stresses can help reduce the trigger reactions. It is amazing in this day and age, when we know so much about things and the world around us, that we still have so much to learn about our own bodies.

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Armpit sweating – It doesn’t have to continue

Armpit sweating is the most common form of sweating area of our bodies. We all know people who always have dark wet patches under their arms. You, like me, might be one of those people.

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For most people the use of standard deodorants which reduce the sweating and mask the slight odour, coupled with a good hygiene routine, is sufficient. For others a stronger solution is needed.

What some people do not realise is that there are stronger deodorants with chloride that can help those who suffer from excessive sweating. They seem to stop the released sweat reaching the skin’s surface.

Another option is “Botox” treatment where a doctor will inject Botox into the armpits to interrupt the sweating process. This can be effective for anything from 3 to 9 months.

A cheaper approach is to look at what we eat and drink. Some foods are known to trigger over-sweating. These are foods like curry and hot spicy dishes. Another trigger is alcohol. If you suspect these could be affecting you then obviously avoidance of these things could well help.

It is also worth looking at one’s diet as a whole. Sometimes we load our bodies with so much processed foods that our kidneys and liver struggle. In these circumstances a good idea could be to change to a G I type of diet with lots of natural foods and to include some good vegetable and fruit juicing drinks. These can help the body by clearing it of all the “rubbish” we can fed ourselves. Herbal teas are another good way to help the body to detox. Think of it as a way of clearing the tubes to help you to breathe more easily. but these methods are not the only cure

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Underarm sweating can be unstoppable and unreasonable

The most common form of excessive sweating (Also called hyperhidrosis) is underarm sweating. The symptoms are too much sweat coming from the armpits. This can be a continuous flow which usually indicates a medical disorder. It can however be simply due to stress and external pressures.

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The underarm sweat seems to keep on coming and you can feel almost inhuman because of the extent of it. It is nearly always at its worst when you least want to be in situations such as meeting new people and going to an interview. Stress and anxiety will increase the body temperature and in turn increase the flow of sweat.

If you suffer from this sweat problem then it can feel completely unreasonable that you have this problem while others do not. It seems almost vindictive in its presence. Can you hear the voice of experience here ;). There are underarm pads that you buy to wear inside your clothes but this is really a patch up job rather than a complete answer.

Newer research has come up with a sweat cure the specifically concentrates on the underarm sweat problem. As a result of this research the author has published his sweat cure system in “Stop Sweating And Start Living“. It has proven to work with this particular sweat issue with a 96% success for regular sufferers

Underarm pads as a treatment for underarm sweating

Do you suffer from embarrassing underarm sweating?

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Are your clothes always getting sweat marks that will not come out?
Are you looking for a way to stop the problem

There are a number of underarm pad solutions on the market and for some people they are a good solution. This is what they do.

• protect clothing from stains and odours
• absorb excess sweat from your arms
• they are very discreet and thin
• they are easily applied with self-adhesive strips
• they are suitable for all fabrics
• they are made with hypoallergenic material

The pads can be sewn into your clothes permanently or stuck on with sticky pads.

If your sweat problem is restricted to your underarm areas then underarm pads are a great and simple solution. If you are looking for a more permanent solution to stop sweating altogether then I would recommend the Stop Sweating and Start Living program that treats the causes of sweat and can provide a remedy in about 2 weeks. Learn more HERE