Daily Saunas – An extreme solution to excessive sweating

I have often wondered if regular Saunas would help as a cure for excessive sweating. Well I have just been on holiday and the villa I stayed in had is own sauna. Time for a road test on my theory I thought.

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We stayed at the villa for 7 nights and used the sauna on 6 of those nights usually in the evening. We would then catch a movie before bed time.

I had no excessive sweating problems for the whole week. No kidding. It is a bit of a kill or cure method of sweat treatment but I found that there was no night sweating and no excess sweat the following day. I will be very interested to see if there are any long term benefits to me for using the sauna in this way.

I still was careful to do all the normal stuff of dressing lightly and eating sensibly. The problem is I do not have the space or the money to run one of these saunas at home so I will go back to my normal regime of strategies for stopping sweating. Mind you I know where I will be going on holiday next time!!

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