Do antiperspirants actually work for Hyperhidrosis?

Most people reach for antiperspirants to control sweating. People who suffer from excess sweating can be prescribed products that will help control their sweating. Not all of these are readily available over the counter and need supervision from a doctor.

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Compared to the standard products such as Lynx and Sure these products are much more specialized. More specifically they contain aluminium choloride hexahydrate. It is much stronger than aluminium on its own. It is present in products like “drysol”.

Aluminium salts have been used for the last 80 years and are non-toxic. They work to prevent the sweat reaching the surface so that the body still releases sweat but it doesn’t break out on the skin – although it needs to be used regularly about twice a day to remain effective.

Side effects can be itchiness, redness and sometimes even a burning sensation in the area where it is applied. These items are not cheap but can be really effective. As always, one needs to keep good personal hygiene.

So antiperspirants do work for some people some of the time. For others the search will continue for a better solution. You find out more about a natural remedy for excess sweating by Clicking Here!


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