Sometimes there is no point hiding a sweat problem

You know you have a problem with excessive sweating and your nearest and dearest will also know. But in the big wide world there are many people who do not know and do not want to know.

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If excess sweat is not their problem then why should they worry. But you have to live with it and spend much of your day avoiding situations where you might start sweating.
You do not want to be seen as different to others.

But actually this is crooked thinking because everyone is different in their own way. They may be diabetic, or short tempered or just plain ugly. That is what they have to deal with and they often have to own up to their problem to get through their day.

So what you could do as a strategy to overcome your sweating problem is just be upfront about it early on with people. This is not the easy option but long term it might just be better to explain that you know that you sweat too much, that you are working on a remedy for sweating at the moment and hope they can live with that. I wouldn’t apologise about sweating too much in any way at all.

This can relieve some of the social pressure you feel and find acceptance from other for your sweat disorder. You can work on your problem in the meantime by going through the “Stop sweating and start living” program which almost certainly cure the cause of sweating for you.


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