How can I stop sweating buckets?

I completely understand this guy. Nothing seems to stop the continuous flow of excess sweat. It is interesting to read the doctor's take on the causes of sweat and to know that dealing with the problem is not an exact science. I can verify that for myself from personal experience!!

How can I stop sweating buckets?

"My son, who is 34, has suffered from sweating palms for many years — so much so he has to carry a cloth in his pocket to wipe them before shaking anyone's hand. He's tried acupuncture and hypnotism, but nothing has helped solve this problem.Daily Mail"

I have spent a life time trying to deal with excess sweat. The only way that I have found to help is a group of measures that I take. Together these measures help but I have to do them all the time and think about them all the time. I regulate my physical activity and my diet to reduce sweat. This is part of my daily life.



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