What you eat can affect how much you sweat

Have you ever noticed than when you eat a hot curry you perspire more than normal. Well this is no accident. The spices and herbs in these types of dishes make the food taste hot but also speed up your metabolism and sends your blood round your body much faster. This in turn makes you sweat too much.

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There is another group of foods that also make you sweat more and that is a group I call overprocessed foods. This is basically convenience foods and meals such as chocolate, ready meals, crisps, hamburgers and the like. There are chemicals in these overprocessed foods that make your body work much too hard to digest them. One of the side effects of this is excessive sweating.

Even plain white bread can be a problem for very sensitive people. To reduce the effect that your diet has on your sweating you should include more unprocessed simple foods such as fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, wholegrains, etc.

If you make a change in your diet away from the overprocessed foods you should see a big improvement in your excess sweat problem.

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