Night sweating – do you have to live with it?

One minute you are fast asleep and the next you wake up dripping with sweat. There seems to be no reason for it but you feel completely drained and soaked in sweat. This common night time problem can be just a night time problem or a sufferer can also have the problem during the day.

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Sleep hydrosis is far more common than you realize but because of the levels of embarrassment it causes no one talks about it.

It is rarely a problem for children and usually starts in puberty. For teenagers sweating is a real peer problem. No one likes to be the smelly sweaty one.

Night sweating can often be caused by the events of the day before. This sounds obvious to say but think about what you did the day before. What did you eat. Did you do any exercise or just sit around watching TV.

If you consumed large amount of alcohol, that could be the problem. If you ate late and went straight to bed you body is still on full power and needs to wind down from the evening. It might be better to go to bed later and just cool down before you go to bed.

If you suffer from night sweating only occasionally then the causes are likely to be short term. If you sweat at night almost every night then you need to look at what the long term causes might be. You’ll also find that though this condition can start at any age, it usually begins in early adulthood. If left untreated this condition will be a challenge for you throughout your life. As result it is wise to address this problem head on right now.
Your doctor will be your first and often best adviser on how to stop night sweating. A few well asked questions can often get to the source of the sweat problem.

Do not use excessive antiperspirants as these can cause more problems than they solve. Night perspiration can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. It is not untreatable. There are many tactics you can use to stop sweating. Results are swift and long term. Learn more HERE


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