Stop Sweaty Hands – Home Treatments For Hands That Sweat Too Much

This excellent article looks at home treatments for sweaty hands. This is just one type of sweat problem that many people suffer from.

Stop Sweaty Hands – Can You Really Stop Palmar Hyperhidrosis With Over The Counter Treatments?

By Joey Logan

Excessive hand sweating or palmar hyperhidrosis as it is medically termed, is a condition which can render you anti-social, due to all the embarrassment that you may cause with the simple acts of hand shaking or even hand holding. These could cause discomfort from absolute strangers to even your loved ones. Frustrating at it may seem, there are indeed treatments you can resort to, to help you stop sweaty hands.

Depending on how severe your palmar hyperhidrosis is, you may get over the counter treatments or from your personal physician. But the key is to search for the right treatment to manage your hand sweat. If you have a mild condition, over the counter remedies might just be the solution to your problem. There are antiperspirants which you could apply onto your palms, but remember to choose those with no fragrant. You could also explore with biofeedback and meditation to de stress, lowering the heartbeat to stabilize the nerves. These are mild treatment and have no known physical side effects. Up the notch a little and you may try acupuncture, an ancient Chinese treatment with needles which pin point the various nerves that control your excessive hand sweating. Needless to say, you will get many tiny thin needles on the palms of your hands but they are only a fraction as painful as botox injections. This method must be administered by an approached Traditional Chinese Medicine physician and does give positive results over time. Other alternatives would be ETS surgery, botox injections which are rather invasive, with the former being surgical in nature and leaves 90 percent of patients with compensatory sweating.

Iontophoresis is the alternative treatment which is not surgical, not invasive and leaves no long term side effects on the patients. It has been around for more than 50 years and has successfully treated millions of patients with hand sweat. 20 minutes with the routine of soaking your hands into iontophoresis water trays daily over one week period will give you dry palms. Thereafter, it is simply maintenance of one session every three weeks. The cost of the treatment could amount to a fair bit over time and if you find that owning a commercial device is too expensive, there is an alternative to it too. Make your own device at an affordable amount of 20 dollars with core materials easily available at the local hardware store. You can easily assemble them and within 30 minutes you are good to go.

I know most of the hand sweat treatments in the market as I too had severe palmar hyperhydrosis but with my very own iontophoresis device, I have managed to stop sweaty hands and am now liberated from the embarrassment and frustrations which I faced almost on a daily basis. You too can stop sweaty palms with the right treatment. Good luck to your new life.

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