Sweat glands – New Research into Sweating

This research reports a small step that has been taken towards understanding the sweat glands that we all have. It is early days so far but the success that the No Sweat researches have had means that sufferers of excessive sweating such as myself can have some hope for the future.

Some way down the article there is a brief mention of the usefulness of research in possibly developing some new topical cures for people who sweat too much and people who do not sweat enough.

Sweat glands grown from newly identified stem cells

"Their findings might also help in the future to improve treatments for burn patients and to develop topical treatments for people who sweat too much, or too little. “For now, the study represents a baby step towards these clinical goals, but a giant …"

The picture you see below you is a sweat gland. It looks more like an alien in developement to me. Still I find it very encouraging to know that serious research is taking place into the causes and cures for sweating.

Sweat Gland


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