Sweating Too Much And Drinking White Wine

The first time I discovered the effect of alcohol on my sweating I was really surprised. I always thought that drinking too much water would cause excess sweat. Well I have discovered that drinking alcohol does indeed make you sweat more. If you already have a sweat problem then the problem is magnified. I first discovered the problem last summer and wrote about alcohol and sweat to help people realise the connection.

At that time I had no idea that this was a common problem for heavy sweating people. Having done some research I know that most advisers say that you should not drink any alcohol with a sweat problem. The common opinion is that the worst culprit is white wine. There is little variance between a Chablis or a Muscudet Or a Sauvignon Blanc. All of them will get even people without a severe problem sweating after a glass or 2.

An even bigger problem can be found by people at night if they already suffer from night sweating. There is something in these white wines that must effect the sweat glands and wake them up.

I have found that you have to really abstain from wine to stop this contributory factor. Other alcoholic drinks such as beers and ciders are not so bad. The least problems are found with the spirits such as Brandy, Whiskey and Rum. You just need to be careful what mixers you use with them. The main problem is that wine goes so much better with a meal than other drinks.

If you want to stop sweating too much then stopping the drinking of white wine will certainly help. The guide I use to help me,The stop sweating and start living program, doesn’t talk too much about this aspect of sweating but in all other respects it is brilliant. I recommend it if you are in a daily struggle with too much sweat.

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