Symptoms of Weakness and Sweating? – Some Well Known Causes

If you are suffering symptoms of weakness and sweating and this is new to you then you should seek

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medical advice straightaway. If however your weakness and sweating is a regular occurence then read on. For many years I suffered from excess sweat and a lightheaded weak sensation. There was nothing that seemed to be causing it – or at least that’s what I thought. Eventually in my early 20’s I decided out of sheer frustration to find out what causes sweating. More recently I found a health program that has all but cured my excess sweating and weakness. Click HERE for more info.

I was surprised at the number of possible causes there are for sweating. In my case the problem was caused by a number of things from the list below. I will spare my blushes by sharing them if that’s OK with you. For you however the group of sweat causes could be different. I found out by experimentation how to reduce my sweating and lightheadedness over a period of about 10 years. I must also thank my wife for helping diagnose some of the triggers that I had not thought of.

The main areas to look at are as follows.

Stress, anxiety and nervousness are now recognised as causing weakness and sweating. I wonder if this is where the saying “weak at the kness” comes from.

What you eat and drink can have a huge impact on your health – including your sweat levels. Spicy foods and alcoholic drinks being the main culprits. Caffeine rich drink also have an adverse affect for some people.

Obesity and being overweight is known to cause sweating and weakness. This is one of the hardest ones to beat as it involves a complete life change to reduce weight.

Time of life changes. The main ones are puberty, onset of menstruation, and the menopause. For teenagers this can be a disaster as the extra sweat and feelings of weakness are awful for a person just finding their way in the world. (It’s hard to impress a girl when your armpits are like a shower of perspirtaion and excess sweat – believe me).

Serious illness is the final area of causes for weakness and sweat. This is often overlooked. The person who has a severe illness doesn’t realise that it might be directly connected to their health problems. I can’t comment on this last one as I have as yet not had a serious illness but I know from others that this can be a real problem.

In some of these causes there is not an easy cure. But for the vast majority you can help yourself by taking the obvious steps to keep your sweat levels down. For me I have to do a number of things that I learnt from the Stop Sweating and Start Living program. I still have the odd weird day when nothing seems to work but for most of the time my sweating and weakness are gone.

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