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There Are Many Different Types Of Sweat Problems – Do You Know Yours?

I have come to realise in my own journey to stop excess sweating that there are many different types of sweating problems. If you are unlucky then your whole body sweats and you have to deal with what is a huge medical and social problem.

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For other people who have a sweat problem it is in a small and specific part of their body. There are lots of clever names for different types of sweating like Plantar hyperhidrosis (Hands sweating) and plantar hyperhidrosis (Feet sweating) but these are of no interest to me as a person who sweats too much.
So the most common areas for excess sweat are from the head to toes as follows.

Scalp sweating, Face sweating, Underarm sweating, Groin sweating & Feet sweating.

As well as this there are people who only get too much sweat at certain times in their lives. The most recognised of these are teenage sweating, sweating in pregnancy and menopause sweating.

Can You Stop all the Sweating?
There many sweat cures and remedies and i have tried many of them myself. I drew the line at botox injections however. Far too extreme and invasive for me.
The solution I found was online and is called Stop Sweating and Start Living. You have probably heard of this online program as it has been shown on television in the UK and USA and has been around for a good few years. I found that the natural approach was very easy to follow. I also appreciated the fact that the process is just that – A process. There are no silly and false promises saying you will be cured within 2 days.
Having said this I can say for myself that my sweat problem reduced substantially within 3 weeks and as long as i watch things I have few ongoing issues with excess sweat.

Does This Cure Work For All The Different Types Of Sweating?

I can only really speak for myself but there lots of customer testimonials on the web site that give me confidence to say that all sweat sufferers should try it out. It is certainly better than most of the prescribed products in the chemists and way better than surgery.

Visit the Stop Sweating and Start Living Website HERE

Daily Saunas – An extreme solution to excessive sweating

I have often wondered if regular Saunas would help as a cure for excessive sweating. Well I have just been on holiday and the villa I stayed in had is own sauna. Time for a road test on my theory I thought.

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We stayed at the villa for 7 nights and used the sauna on 6 of those nights usually in the evening. We would then catch a movie before bed time.

I had no excessive sweating problems for the whole week. No kidding. It is a bit of a kill or cure method of sweat treatment but I found that there was no night sweating and no excess sweat the following day. I will be very interested to see if there are any long term benefits to me for using the sauna in this way.

I still was careful to do all the normal stuff of dressing lightly and eating sensibly. The problem is I do not have the space or the money to run one of these saunas at home so I will go back to my normal regime of strategies for stopping sweating. Mind you I know where I will be going on holiday next time!!

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4 home helps for reducing perspiration and stopping excess sweat

There are very simple ways of stopping heavy sweating that may be enough for you and your sweating problem. When I say “ways” I really mean a group of simple measures you can take to reduce your sweat problem to a great degree without going through other medical remedies.

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The medical route can involve specialist antiperspirants, botox injections and even surgery. Before you do this however you should look at these simple home cures for sweating. They may be enough for you.
Loose clothing made in fabrics that breathe.
Much of today’s fashion is for tight fitting clothes made from polyester or other man made fabrics. The tight fitting will not help someone who sweats as their perspiration will be visible almost straight away and come through the clothes. The man made fabrics create an air barrier so that the heat and humidity from your body cannot escape. Cotton and other natural fabrics worn loose will allow your body heat to get out through your clothes
Regular Bathing and Swimming
You need to bath regularly. I have also found that a swim and sauna is very helpful to reducing excess sweat providing I give myself time to cool down after the sauna. I do not have any research to back this up but it comes from my own experience. It may be the chemicals in the swimming pool or the high temperature in the sauna that is helping. Turkish baths also have the same effect for me.
Watch what you eat
I find that spicy foods and curries make me sweat more than plain unprocessed food such as fresh fruit and vegetables. By changing to a diet that has more raw food without added flavours you can reduce your sweating
Get enough sleep
This is something that you can try out. Treat your sleep as a 7/8 hour appointment and go to bed on time and get up after a good long sleep. Something about a regular sleep pattern seems to contribute to reducing sweat.

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Simple Home Remedies for Excess Perspiration

Every one perspires or sweats. It is the body’s natural way of keeping cool and is part of our natural defense mechanism. There are some people who have a much bigger problem with over sweating that needs much more help to cure.

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First thing first is to go and see your doctor. You need to check that there isn’t a new underlying illness that is causing it. There are a number of illnesses connected with our liver and kidneys or even early signs of diabetes or thyroid imbalance which we should not ignore.

Some people, however, seem to suffer from “hyperhidrosis”, a recognized condition which means that they can sweat even without the body raising its temperature. In these instances, it is important to establish why this is happening as this can help with finding natural remedies to reduce the times this happens or even to limit the effects of excessive over-sweating.

Some people sweat when they are nervous. In these situations it is advisable to reduce the anxiety by finding less stressful ways to deal with situations or by helping the body to de-stress with restful massages. Even exercise can be a useful avenue for aggression and tension that might otherwise build up.

With stressful situations, it can help to look at different ways to handle these situations. Perhaps for a first day at a new job make sure you know the way before going and check out where best to park. Preparation and homework before an event can be very helpful . If going out on your own is a problem then arrange to go with a friend or close family member. Even discussing the issues with your family or close friends can lead to a more relaxed approach. The less you talk about your embarrassment or nervousness the more of a hold it can have over you.

Another help is avoidance of hot spicy foods and curries as they tend to make the body sweat. Alcohol is also another culprit so make sure you drink plenty of water with your alcohol and certainly after a night out as it helps the liver and kidneys to deal with the alcohol in the body.

Another natural remedy is to wear lose fitting clothes made of natural fibres like cotton. These help the air to circulate easily around the body thus helping it to keep cool.

Antiperspirants are helpful but good hygiene is essential to keep body odours at bay and make sure the condition is not complicated by skin complaints.

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Is there a way to stop sweating?

Well there is and you have found the best solution. After suffering an intermittent sweating problem all my life I found an approach to stopping sweating that was both refreshing and effective. To see more information simply click HERE

You no longer have to live with this embarrasing problem.

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