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The 3 simple everyday methods to stop sweating

When you are trying to combat sweating day in day out sometimes you can forget to do the simple things that will help you.

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Plan your day to reduce sweating

Deal with time pressures by organising your day as much as possible. If you can plan your day so that you are not rushing around from one appointment to another you will reduce the stress you are living with and so reduce your sweating.

Eat a sensible diet

By eating a wide combination of foods throughout the day you will put less discomfort on your digestive system. If you eat fast food and sugary snacks all day your body will need to go into hyperdrive to deal with it and you will sweat more as a result.

You did have a shower this morning didn’t you?

If you didn’t you may not notice but plenty of other people will. Get up 5 minutes earlier and take a shower daily. If you have a sweat problem you do not need to even discuss this. The chemicals in sweat have give you a body odor and you need to have a fresh start every day.

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