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Can You Control Your Facial Blushing

If you suffer from heavy facial sweating you know that it nearly always comes with facial blushing. You know you are going to blush and you do not want to but it happens anyway.

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Click Picture to Learn More

The Facial Blushing Problem

It usually occurs very quickly and you feel heat in your face at the same time. Most face blushing comes from being embarrassed or from pressure situations. You do not have to be in company to blush but that is when it is most embarrassing.

Blushing is not an inherently bad thing and the bible even talks about a tribe who had “forgotten how to blush”. It shows that you are aware of yourself and also that you have not become hardened to emotions.

You will often know that you are going to blush ahead of time because you always do. Public speaking is a common example. I have done a great deal of public speaking and performing but I always blush at the beginning. It then goes away over the next 5 – 7 minutes. I know it is going to happen so I have learnt to accept it.

The worst time for me is when I get angry and I do not want the other person to know I am angry. This is a no hoper for me. I just go red faced with blushing.

The other time I recall blushing completely red was when a voluptuous alto singer picked me from the audience to serenade to. Oh happy memories.

How to Stop Blushing

I have tried many home remedies such as washing my face in cold water, washing all over in cold water. I have even tried to blush to order to get it over and done with before the event
I think it is almost impossible to control blushing but I have found one method that helps. If you want to know more Click Here!

This is a very simple audiobook on how to stop blushing that I have found helpful. I hope you do too.