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Is there a way to control facial sweating?

One of the most noticeable types of sweating is facial sweating. You can turn up nervously for a first meeting or an interview and your face starts sweating uncontrollably. At the very moment you want to look your best in all goes wrong and you end up feeling embarrassed and compromised. Even a small amount of sweat on the face can feel like its a small deluge to you. And people do notice it even though they may be too polite to say anything. You know what they are thinking.

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The traditional ways of dealing with underarm sweat do not work here because your face is not hidden. Antiperspirants and powders do not work and many modern creams make your face shiny.
If your facial sweat is stress related then you need to recognise this and try and prepare for potentially stressful situations. By mentally preparing for these life events you can go a long way to self treating it.

When I go to the gym I always take a full size bath towel to keep wiping my face with. (I know you are supposed to sweat in a gym but allow me a bit of vanity here!)
In the same way I always have a clean white handkerchief to hand. This is a prop as much as anything else as I rarely use it.

Does anyone in your family have the same sweat problem? Pick a good moment and see if they have found a cure. If they have what works for them will probably work for you.

If all this fails I have found a new solution. It is called Stop Sweating and Start Living and was developed by a fellow sufferer called Mike Ramsey. You can learn more details about it by clicking on the banner to the right of this article. The success rate is currently about 96% which is outstanding.

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