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How to help excessive teenage sweating

There is so much happening during puberty and beyond that it is hard to know how to prevent a teenager from sweating. This time of life is a time when the body is growing fast and the onset of adulthood is producing new symptoms one of which is excessive teenage sweating.

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The time that this period of over sweating occurs for most teenagers is only a year or so and it usually stops by the time they reach the age of eighteen. It can become a life long problem for a small minority of people (about 1 %) and these people have to follow a multi faceted approach to help them get through life with the problem of too much sweat.

For teenagers the solutions can be difficult because the drugs and surgery options really are not safe or recommended as the problem is usually only for a few years duration. You do not want to be taking strong drugs at this age unless it is really necessary. The side effects can be worse than coping with the excess sweating.

The obvious simple things such as regular washing and wearing natural fabrics that breath are easy to implement. The only other strategy that can be successful is a change of diet. You need to major on natural unprocessed foods that do not raise the metabolic levels which is one of the causes of excess sweating.

So no more sugar, sweets, chocolates, crisps, burgers and the like. You need to focus on fruit, vegetables, grains and unprocessed foods. These foods slowly release their nutrients into the body over hours rather than minutes. The body slowly assimilates natural foods which is better for it. This may help solve the problem for the difficult teenage years. More Teenage sweat solutions HERE