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Daily Saunas – An extreme solution to excessive sweating

I have often wondered if regular Saunas would help as a cure for excessive sweating. Well I have just been on holiday and the villa I stayed in had is own sauna. Time for a road test on my theory I thought.

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We stayed at the villa for 7 nights and used the sauna on 6 of those nights usually in the evening. We would then catch a movie before bed time.

I had no excessive sweating problems for the whole week. No kidding. It is a bit of a kill or cure method of sweat treatment but I found that there was no night sweating and no excess sweat the following day. I will be very interested to see if there are any long term benefits to me for using the sauna in this way.

I still was careful to do all the normal stuff of dressing lightly and eating sensibly. The problem is I do not have the space or the money to run one of these saunas at home so I will go back to my normal regime of strategies for stopping sweating. Mind you I know where I will be going on holiday next time!!

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Homeopathic cure for sweating

There are now a large number of cures and remedies for excessive sweating. Some of them are not very

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successful or only work in a small number of cases. Drug treatments such as botox do work but it is an invasive treatment that you need to have on a regular basis. The other option for chronic sweat sufferers is a surgery procedure. This is not widely available and is only an option for certain types of patient.

Recently a new natural homeopathic remedy was researched and championed by Mike Ramsey. As an excess sweat sufferer himself he looked into the problem for himself and found a solution that worked for him. As he started sharing his method with others it became obvious that he had discovered a simple but effective answer to too much sweat.

He has now put this cure for sweating into a book called Stop Sweating and Start Living. The method succeeds for many different types of sweat problem. The great thing is that the method is natural and very simple. You can learn more about curing sweating HERE.

The 3 simple everyday methods to stop sweating

When you are trying to combat sweating day in day out sometimes you can forget to do the simple things that will help you.

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Plan your day to reduce sweating

Deal with time pressures by organising your day as much as possible. If you can plan your day so that you are not rushing around from one appointment to another you will reduce the stress you are living with and so reduce your sweating.

Eat a sensible diet

By eating a wide combination of foods throughout the day you will put less discomfort on your digestive system. If you eat fast food and sugary snacks all day your body will need to go into hyperdrive to deal with it and you will sweat more as a result.

You did have a shower this morning didn’t you?

If you didn’t you may not notice but plenty of other people will. Get up 5 minutes earlier and take a shower daily. If you have a sweat problem you do not need to even discuss this. The chemicals in sweat have give you a body odor and you need to have a fresh start every day.

While you are doing these 3 simple everyday methods to stop sweating you can also look at trying to cure your sweating problem by following the Stop sweating and start living program. This revolutionary program to stop sweating has proven very successful and has gained international respect for its straightforward easy approach. You can find out more by clicking HERE

Is there a way to stop sweating?

Well there is and you have found the best solution. After suffering an intermittent sweating problem all my life I found an approach to stopping sweating that was both refreshing and effective. To see more information simply click HERE

You no longer have to live with this embarrasing problem.

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