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Sweaty smelly feet – Stop those feet sweating now

If you have sweaty smelly feet then you know that there is more to this sweating problem than most people consider. The problem is a health issue for you but also a social problem. People make jokes about smelly cheesy feet. It is not something to be proud of.

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The simple greeting “Do you mind taking your shoes off” can mean that you start an evening with the problem of people noticing your smelly feet. You can hardly refuse to comply so you have to give some sort of apology for having sweaty and smelly feet.

Having taken your shoes off you walk across the beautiful hardwood floor leaving a series of damp footprints across the floor. I actually think you can make this easier on yourself by explaining your sweat problem and being open about it. But this level of openness does take courage on your part.

What is causing the sweat problem

The sweat in your feet is not making them smell.It is the bacteria on your skin that causes your feet to smell. Your feet and hands have a higher number of sweat glands than most of your body so that if you have a sweat problem you will notice it here first. This is why your feet can become smelly very quickly. Someone with sweaty feet can also have other health issues related to their feet such as athletes foot, fungal infections, blistering and foot sores. Sweaty feet is not something you can avoid treating because the long terms effects can become quite serious.

The simple ways to treat sweaty feet

First of all there is the obvious help of regular washing. Using anti bacterial soaps will also help. Secondly is proper drying of the feet. Then you can wear shoes that are made of leather rather than synthetic products. In fact non leather shoes can cause all sorts of health problems for your feet – Not just sweat issues. The leather breathes more. You can also wear sweat resistant socks. There are also anti bacterial antiperspirants that help.

There has however been a new development in the world of treating sweating feet which uses natural methods that have no disturbing side effects. The author of the system claims that you can see a huge difference in 2 weeks. It could be that there is finally an answer to an age old problem.

The program is called Stop Sweating and Start Living and uses natural methods to help you stop sweating. Click on the banner on the right to find out more or click the link here. Stop Sweating and Start Living

Underarm pads as a treatment for underarm sweating

Do you suffer from embarrassing underarm sweating?

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Are your clothes always getting sweat marks that will not come out?
Are you looking for a way to stop the problem

There are a number of underarm pad solutions on the market and for some people they are a good solution. This is what they do.

• protect clothing from stains and odours
• absorb excess sweat from your arms
• they are very discreet and thin
• they are easily applied with self-adhesive strips
• they are suitable for all fabrics
• they are made with hypoallergenic material

The pads can be sewn into your clothes permanently or stuck on with sticky pads.

If your sweat problem is restricted to your underarm areas then underarm pads are a great and simple solution. If you are looking for a more permanent solution to stop sweating altogether then I would recommend the Stop Sweating and Start Living program that treats the causes of sweat and can provide a remedy in about 2 weeks. Learn more HERE

Is there a way to control facial sweating?

One of the most noticeable types of sweating is facial sweating. You can turn up nervously for a first meeting or an interview and your face starts sweating uncontrollably. At the very moment you want to look your best in all goes wrong and you end up feeling embarrassed and compromised. Even a small amount of sweat on the face can feel like its a small deluge to you. And people do notice it even though they may be too polite to say anything. You know what they are thinking.

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The traditional ways of dealing with underarm sweat do not work here because your face is not hidden. Antiperspirants and powders do not work and many modern creams make your face shiny.
If your facial sweat is stress related then you need to recognise this and try and prepare for potentially stressful situations. By mentally preparing for these life events you can go a long way to self treating it.

When I go to the gym I always take a full size bath towel to keep wiping my face with. (I know you are supposed to sweat in a gym but allow me a bit of vanity here!)
In the same way I always have a clean white handkerchief to hand. This is a prop as much as anything else as I rarely use it.

Does anyone in your family have the same sweat problem? Pick a good moment and see if they have found a cure. If they have what works for them will probably work for you.

If all this fails I have found a new solution. It is called Stop Sweating and Start Living and was developed by a fellow sufferer called Mike Ramsey. You can learn more details about it by clicking on the banner to the right of this article. The success rate is currently about 96% which is outstanding.

More information HERE