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Spicy Food Equals Smelly Excess Sweating

What you eat and drink can have a huge impact on how you control your sweating. As a general rule – the more spicy and “hot” food you eat the more you are going to sweat too much. This is stating the obvious to you if you are coping with excess sweat. But there are ways of cooking food that will reduce your sweat problem.

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Use Fresh Ingredients

I have found that by cooking and eating fresh ingredients rather than tinned or packaged foods that sweating can be reduced. I am not a scientist but simply know from experience that this is quite an important aspect of controlling excess sweat.

Spices & Herbs

Something worth doing is changing to fresh herbs and spices from the powdered version that you can buy in little tubs. This costs a little more but means you can enjoy the flavours of the herbs and spices without losing control of your sweat glands. An example of this would be a recipe that asks for basil and chilli in it. Instead of breaking open the tubs of processed spices and herbs you could put in a fresh chilli pepper and some fresh basil leaves taken from a plant in your kitchen.

Being sensible with strong flavours

The thing to do is reduce the levels of the flavourings by half and see how you go. For me this is often all I need to do to stop excess sweating. I can still enjoy a mild version of the flavours without creating personal sweating problems for myself. You will never be able to enjoy Chicken Vindaloo (No one really does anyway!) but by using fresh ingredients you will be able to eat much more interesting meals.


Excess Sweating and Alcohol – You do not want to know this!

Well here in the UK summer has arrived for 2009. I have just spent an idyllic afternoon sitting in my garden in the sunshine. the temperature must have hit 25% centigrade which is very pleasant without being too hot.

Click Photo To Stop Sweating

Click Photo To Stop Sweating

There is even a cooling breeze wafting across the lawn and I am as cool as a cucumber. So Here I am sitting in the full sun and not a bead of sweat anywhere. Well OK maybe the odd signs of sweating but nothing to worry about. Certainly not the usual excess sweat I am used to having.

Alcohol and Excess Sweating

Then what do I do. I decide that the afternoon would be even more perfect if I had a glass of wine. That was a big mistake. Halfway through my glass of pinot grigio I can feel my temples welling up. Sure enough a few moments later There is sweat pouring down my face. I always find that alcohol affects my face more than anywhere else. Facial sweating is so hard to hide. I was sitting in my patio chair reading a book and my face was like rivers of sweat.

The Bad News About Sweat and Alcohol

For many people with a sweat problem alcohol is the trigger. For some it is the only trigger. For others it is one of a set of triggers. As well as an immediate onset of excess sweat you also will find that you sweat too much in bed. I have often woken up in the middle of the night dripping with sweat because of drinking wine or other alcohol during the previous day.

The Main Culprits

This is not a scientific list – just what I have discovered from experience. I find that certain drinks have a greater affect than others. The worst one by far is white wine. In particular sweet and medium white wine. Then there are sparkling wines, ciders and champagnes. Following this are strong beers and lagers. Then alcoholic drinks that have the least affect on excessive sweating are spirits and red wines.

Alcohol is not good for excess sweat

Alcohol is not good for excess sweat

The best thing to do of course is to abstain completely from alcohol which is what I do most of the time. This afternoon I simply couldn’t resist the idea of a glass of wine on a lovely English summer afternoon. My own fault really.

For more information on alcohol and the causes and cures of excessive sweating click here. the Stop sweating and start living information is just the best.

The Unwanted Effects of Anxiety and Sweating

Sweating is a natural process of the body to keep it cool and to keep the pores of the skin clean. It is also used to remove some toxins from the body. All this is quite normal and so long as we maintain the normal hygiene we have nothing to be concerned about.

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However there are some people who have very severe or constant sweating that is not just the body’s natural reactions. For these people sweating becomes unpleasant and even viewed as a blight on their lives. Their sweating glands have become over sensitive and sweating is often the result of trigger responses rather than the body‘s natural reactions. For some people it may be certain foods or even alcohol, while for others it is simply anxiety.

When anxiety is the cause it becomes much harder to control as the very nature of life is to experience new things and meet new people. However for those for whom anxiety is a trigger it becomes much harder to live a normal life. The condition is often hereditary and can therefore be isolating as people tend to mix with those who know and understand the problem.

There is treatment but as everyone is different each person needs to be assessed. For those of an anxious disposition this can seem quite daunting. Treatment can also be expensive. One of the most successful treatments is Botox injections. The injections work by blocking the nerves that supply the sweat glands. The treatment is highly specialised and needs to be done at dermatology clinics. It can cost anything from £450.00 for a treatment and needs to be repeated at regular intervals. The regularity of treatment will depend on how each individual responds. Some need it every few months while others may be alright for nine months.

Some people find strong antiperspirants like Anhydrol Forte and Driclor work while others turn to electrical stimulation or iontophoresis (these can be bought as home kits). There are others who resort to surgical answers and have an operation to cut the sympathetic nerves that control sweating. There is also a support group for sufferers called The Hyperhidrosis UK. The support group actually recommends using emollients rather than soap based products.

We all experience anxiety attacks at some time in our lives and it is learning how to deal with them that may offer more help to hyperhidrosis sufferers. The condition although hereditary, usually begins in childhood and is something that many just put up with as something that just happens. However it seems to be more embarrassing as people get older.

Real sufferers are not just a little damp. Their clothes can develop wet patches, their hands and feet can poor with sweat and their faces glow. It is rarely smelly as regular hygiene keeps the skin clean but it can be very uncomfortable. It is to be hoped that as the world in general becomes more aware of this condition so will methods of helping people conquer their anxieties increase. Learning different ways of dealing with everyday stresses can help reduce the trigger reactions. It is amazing in this day and age, when we know so much about things and the world around us, that we still have so much to learn about our own bodies.

Learn more about sweating problems HERE


The main treatments for hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating

The are a wide range or treatments for hyperhidrosis. The choice however can be highly individual and a good deal of trial and error is needed for some people to cure sweating.
As well as the 4 medical options for heavy sweating shown below you can try hypnosis, meditation and psychotherapy to focus on stress reduction. There are also dietary treatments which can help.
The 4 main treatments from a medical perspective are.

1. Prescribed antiperspirants. These contain an ingredient called aluminium chloride hexahydrate which works by inhibiting the operation of the sweat glands.

2. Botox Injections. This is a very effective treatment but needs to be repeated every 6 – 12 months.
Botox is injected in the skin and blocks the nerves that supply the sweat glands.

3. Electrical treatment. Using small shocks over a period of treament

4. Surgery. This radical and invasive treatment involves cutting the nerves that control sweating. There is no guarantee of success.

There is however a new treatment for excessive sweating . Its involves completely natural methods and strategies and the success rate is quite amazing. The program is called Stop Sweating and Start Living. Click on the link to the right for more information from the systems author Mike Ramsey

4 home helps for reducing perspiration and stopping excess sweat

There are very simple ways of stopping heavy sweating that may be enough for you and your sweating problem. When I say “ways” I really mean a group of simple measures you can take to reduce your sweat problem to a great degree without going through other medical remedies.

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The medical route can involve specialist antiperspirants, botox injections and even surgery. Before you do this however you should look at these simple home cures for sweating. They may be enough for you.
Loose clothing made in fabrics that breathe.
Much of today’s fashion is for tight fitting clothes made from polyester or other man made fabrics. The tight fitting will not help someone who sweats as their perspiration will be visible almost straight away and come through the clothes. The man made fabrics create an air barrier so that the heat and humidity from your body cannot escape. Cotton and other natural fabrics worn loose will allow your body heat to get out through your clothes
Regular Bathing and Swimming
You need to bath regularly. I have also found that a swim and sauna is very helpful to reducing excess sweat providing I give myself time to cool down after the sauna. I do not have any research to back this up but it comes from my own experience. It may be the chemicals in the swimming pool or the high temperature in the sauna that is helping. Turkish baths also have the same effect for me.
Watch what you eat
I find that spicy foods and curries make me sweat more than plain unprocessed food such as fresh fruit and vegetables. By changing to a diet that has more raw food without added flavours you can reduce your sweating
Get enough sleep
This is something that you can try out. Treat your sleep as a 7/8 hour appointment and go to bed on time and get up after a good long sleep. Something about a regular sleep pattern seems to contribute to reducing sweat.

More tips on a cure for sweating HERE


The 10 things I hate about excessive sweating – and one thing I love

This may be a bit of a rant but if you are on this page you know how it feels.

What I hate about excessive sweating

  1. When you are walking down the road in the middle of winter and everything is cool and you are dripping with excess sweat for no reason
  2. You have had a shower made yourself all good and yet you can feel the sweat coming and there is nothing you can do about it
  3. You go to the pub and your shirt is changing colour in the armpits because of too much sweating and some bright spark says “Are you alright”
  4. When you go for a nice walk your feet feel like they are walking in a marshy stream because your feet are sweating so much – Its like wearing wellingtons in reverse – the water stays in.
  5. Have you ever had a meeting or an interview and the moment come to shake hands and you do not know what to do with yourself because your hand is wet and clammy?
  6. I have been to the gym, then had a swim before half an hour in the sauna. I have a relaxing meal and drink in the bar and within minutes I start sweating profusely
  7. Your doctor says “it’s not a major problem, you have to live with it”
  8. You know that because of your sweating that at some time during the day you are going to have a body odour problem
  9. Your clothes get marked with perspiration and nothing seems to remove it
  10. You wake up in the middle of the night and you are absolutely soaking wet with sweat

The one thing I love about sweating
There is a cure for all these things I hate. You do not have to suffer like this any longer. I found this cure called stop sweating and start living and it works. You can get hold of it by clicking the banner on the right hand side of this page or clicking the link here. Stop sweating and start living.

Sometimes there is no point hiding a sweat problem

You know you have a problem with excessive sweating and your nearest and dearest will also know. But in the big wide world there are many people who do not know and do not want to know.

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If excess sweat is not their problem then why should they worry. But you have to live with it and spend much of your day avoiding situations where you might start sweating.
You do not want to be seen as different to others.

But actually this is crooked thinking because everyone is different in their own way. They may be diabetic, or short tempered or just plain ugly. That is what they have to deal with and they often have to own up to their problem to get through their day.

So what you could do as a strategy to overcome your sweating problem is just be upfront about it early on with people. This is not the easy option but long term it might just be better to explain that you know that you sweat too much, that you are working on a remedy for sweating at the moment and hope they can live with that. I wouldn’t apologise about sweating too much in any way at all.

This can relieve some of the social pressure you feel and find acceptance from other for your sweat disorder. You can work on your problem in the meantime by going through the “Stop sweating and start living” program which almost certainly cure the cause of sweating for you.


Homeopathic cure for sweating

There are now a large number of cures and remedies for excessive sweating. Some of them are not very

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successful or only work in a small number of cases. Drug treatments such as botox do work but it is an invasive treatment that you need to have on a regular basis. The other option for chronic sweat sufferers is a surgery procedure. This is not widely available and is only an option for certain types of patient.

Recently a new natural homeopathic remedy was researched and championed by Mike Ramsey. As an excess sweat sufferer himself he looked into the problem for himself and found a solution that worked for him. As he started sharing his method with others it became obvious that he had discovered a simple but effective answer to too much sweat.

He has now put this cure for sweating into a book called Stop Sweating and Start Living. The method succeeds for many different types of sweat problem. The great thing is that the method is natural and very simple. You can learn more about curing sweating HERE.

The 3 simple everyday methods to stop sweating

When you are trying to combat sweating day in day out sometimes you can forget to do the simple things that will help you.

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Plan your day to reduce sweating

Deal with time pressures by organising your day as much as possible. If you can plan your day so that you are not rushing around from one appointment to another you will reduce the stress you are living with and so reduce your sweating.

Eat a sensible diet

By eating a wide combination of foods throughout the day you will put less discomfort on your digestive system. If you eat fast food and sugary snacks all day your body will need to go into hyperdrive to deal with it and you will sweat more as a result.

You did have a shower this morning didn’t you?

If you didn’t you may not notice but plenty of other people will. Get up 5 minutes earlier and take a shower daily. If you have a sweat problem you do not need to even discuss this. The chemicals in sweat have give you a body odor and you need to have a fresh start every day.

While you are doing these 3 simple everyday methods to stop sweating you can also look at trying to cure your sweating problem by following the Stop sweating and start living program. This revolutionary program to stop sweating has proven very successful and has gained international respect for its straightforward easy approach. You can find out more by clicking HERE

Is there a way to stop sweating?

Well there is and you have found the best solution. After suffering an intermittent sweating problem all my life I found an approach to stopping sweating that was both refreshing and effective. To see more information simply click HERE

You no longer have to live with this embarrasing problem.

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