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Stop Sweaty Hands – Home Treatments For Hands That Sweat Too Much

This excellent article looks at home treatments for sweaty hands. This is just one type of sweat problem that many people suffer from.

Stop Sweaty Hands – Can You Really Stop Palmar Hyperhidrosis With Over The Counter Treatments?

By Joey Logan

Excessive hand sweating or palmar hyperhidrosis as it is medically termed, is a condition which can render you anti-social, due to all the embarrassment that you may cause with the simple acts of hand shaking or even hand holding. These could cause discomfort from absolute strangers to even your loved ones. Frustrating at it may seem, there are indeed treatments you can resort to, to help you stop sweaty hands.

Depending on how severe your palmar hyperhidrosis is, you may get over the counter treatments or from your personal physician. But the key is to search for the right treatment to manage your hand sweat. If you have a mild condition, over the counter remedies might just be the solution to your problem. There are antiperspirants which you could apply onto your palms, but remember to choose those with no fragrant. You could also explore with biofeedback and meditation to de stress, lowering the heartbeat to stabilize the nerves. These are mild treatment and have no known physical side effects. Up the notch a little and you may try acupuncture, an ancient Chinese treatment with needles which pin point the various nerves that control your excessive hand sweating. Needless to say, you will get many tiny thin needles on the palms of your hands but they are only a fraction as painful as botox injections. This method must be administered by an approached Traditional Chinese Medicine physician and does give positive results over time. Other alternatives would be ETS surgery, botox injections which are rather invasive, with the former being surgical in nature and leaves 90 percent of patients with compensatory sweating.

Iontophoresis is the alternative treatment which is not surgical, not invasive and leaves no long term side effects on the patients. It has been around for more than 50 years and has successfully treated millions of patients with hand sweat. 20 minutes with the routine of soaking your hands into iontophoresis water trays daily over one week period will give you dry palms. Thereafter, it is simply maintenance of one session every three weeks. The cost of the treatment could amount to a fair bit over time and if you find that owning a commercial device is too expensive, there is an alternative to it too. Make your own device at an affordable amount of 20 dollars with core materials easily available at the local hardware store. You can easily assemble them and within 30 minutes you are good to go.

I know most of the hand sweat treatments in the market as I too had severe palmar hyperhydrosis but with my very own iontophoresis device, I have managed to stop sweaty hands and am now liberated from the embarrassment and frustrations which I faced almost on a daily basis. You too can stop sweaty palms with the right treatment. Good luck to your new life.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joey_Logan

Sweating Too Much And Drinking White Wine

The first time I discovered the effect of alcohol on my sweating I was really surprised. I always thought that drinking too much water would cause excess sweat. Well I have discovered that drinking alcohol does indeed make you sweat more. If you already have a sweat problem then the problem is magnified. I first discovered the problem last summer and wrote about alcohol and sweat to help people realise the connection.

At that time I had no idea that this was a common problem for heavy sweating people. Having done some research I know that most advisers say that you should not drink any alcohol with a sweat problem. The common opinion is that the worst culprit is white wine. There is little variance between a Chablis or a Muscudet Or a Sauvignon Blanc. All of them will get even people without a severe problem sweating after a glass or 2.

An even bigger problem can be found by people at night if they already suffer from night sweating. There is something in these white wines that must effect the sweat glands and wake them up.

I have found that you have to really abstain from wine to stop this contributory factor. Other alcoholic drinks such as beers and ciders are not so bad. The least problems are found with the spirits such as Brandy, Whiskey and Rum. You just need to be careful what mixers you use with them. The main problem is that wine goes so much better with a meal than other drinks.

If you want to stop sweating too much then stopping the drinking of white wine will certainly help. The guide I use to help me,The stop sweating and start living program, doesn’t talk too much about this aspect of sweating but in all other respects it is brilliant. I recommend it if you are in a daily struggle with too much sweat.

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Sweating Too Much? How to Stop Sweating Profusely & Enjoy Life Again

Here is a useful article about how to stop sweating. It looks at the problem of sweating too much and how to over come this on a day to day basis.

Sweating Too Much? How to Stop Sweating Profusely & Enjoy Life Again

By Teresa Tackett

Are you sweating too much? You want to know how to stop sweating to the point that it affects your life. It may be your underarms, face, head or palms, or perhaps it is something that affects nearly your entire body. Don’t feel alone; this condition, known as hyperhidrosis, is very common and affects hundreds of thousands of people. That may not make you feel any better, but you will be glad to know that their are some effective solutions.

Sweating too much can be due to a number of things. It may be caused due to a medical reason, though this is rare. People with diabetes, thyroid problems and certain types of cancer often perspire heavily, so check with your doctor to insure that this can be eliminated from the list. Before you learn how to stop sweating excessively, you want to make certain you are in good health.

Menopause and perimenopause often cause excess sweating, so if you are a woman over the age of 35 or so this may be to blame. Otherwise, hyperhidrosis is likely to blame, which is simply a condition that begins in the sympathetic nervous system and causes your sweat glands to work overtime. This condition in harmless, but very annoying. Here are a few things you might try to stop excessive sweating:

1. Make sure that your antiperspirant really is antiperspirant, and not just deodorant. Try one with aluminum chloride as the main ingredient, or even ask your doctor about a prescription product.

2. Wear loose fitting clothing, and avoid silk or other “slick” fabrics. These usually make the problem worse.

3. Watch your diet. Caffeine and spicy foods often aggravate the condition. Tobacco is a stimulant as well, which may kick the activity of your sweat glands up a notch.

4. If you can afford it, try Botox injections. This works, but at $600 to $700 a pop twice a year, many people find this treatment more than their budget can handle.

People who sweat more than the average person often are more anxious or nervous types, which also causes increased perspiring. Try to reduce stress, and practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or yoga.

Sweating too much is a problem that can rob you of your self confidence, and affects your life in adverse ways. You may avoid people as much as possible. You feel you have body odor, or your clothes are damp due to the heavy perspiring. There are many natural solutions you can try; you do not have to live with this condition forever! To learn more about how you can stop sweating naturally, visit the links below.

Stop excessive sweating for good in just a few days, using natural products you probably have in your home RIGHT NOW! Learn more about excessive sweating causes, and take control of your life.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Teresa_Tackett