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Why do I Have Sweaty Palms?

You have sweaty palms for a number of reasons. To start with your hands are completely full of sweat glands all eagerly waiting to come out and cause problems. If other parts of your body are perspiring then your hands will.

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One of the most common causes is stress and worry in your life. For some reason this frequently comes out in our hands in the form of sweat. If you are under pressure in your work or elsewhere you know that you will perspire more and this includes your hands.

A second cause is overexertion either in your job or from highly vigorous sporting activities. If you over exert yourself then your hands will sweat more until you hve cooled down.

The third reason for sweaty palms is diet. If you are eating too higher proportions of proteins and fatty foods in your daily diet then this can be the cause. Many people who lose weight in the famous Atkins diet report that sweating palms are a common side effect.

If you have sweaty palms but do not seem to have a reasonable cause then you need to check with a doctor that there isn’t a more important underlying cause to your problem Read More HERE