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Washing And Sweaty Armpits

One of the most common forms of sweating is underarm sweating. This type of sweat problem is often long term. It is not something that comes and goes. Because of this someone who has this type of sweat problem has to look for a long term cure for their sweating problem.

Washing Routines and Sweaty Armpits

People suffering from sweaty armpits need to have a regular washing routine. Many experts say that you should wash as often as you need to to solve the sweat problem. This might work with some people but it is not always the best thing to do. The first thing to be clear about is that washing is completely necessary as part of your cure for sweat. What is not so clear is the best way to go about it.

Bacterial Soap

The first thing to know is that you should be using bacterial soap. This is because most of the sweat odour is the result of bacteria developing in the sweat that you have. The sweat is not making you have body odour. It is the bacteria in the sweat that makes you smell. So using the right kind of bacterial soap is the first step to get right in your washing routine.

Washing Frequency

You should wash only 2 times a day. That is the maximum unless you do some strenuous physical activity such as gym training or jogging. The reason is that the more you wash the more your body works at releasing the essential oils and sweat from your skin. If you restrict your washing routines then your glands will not be constantly reacting to your over-washing.

Because you are limiting your washing to 2 times per day you should try and make them every 12 hours. Most people wash in the morning which is obviously right. So just wash in the early evening. If you restrict your washing routines in this way your body will usually adjust to the routines and stop sweating so much. It will usually take two to four weeks for you to notice the improvement.

If you do not see any change and still have too much sweat coming from your armpits then you will need to take other measures to stop sweating. The best program I have found is the “Stop Sweating and Start Living” course. This course uses natural techniques including the washing advice I have given here. The success rate is very high and most people with sweaty armpits will find that their problem improves.

Even Tennis Player Nadal Has Too Much Sweat

The New York Times reported yesterday on the Australian open tennis tournament. Here. Rafa Nadal has had a virus and it has been affecting his play and his sweating. He keeps having to change his shirt for a clean dry one because of the excess sweat. See a quote here

“Clearly, this is not a time to be feeling sluggish: Nadal is four victories from becoming the first man since Laver in 1969 to hold the four tennis trophies that matter most.

“When I play and I’m anxious, I’m a player who sweats more,” he said. “But even when there’s no anxiety here, I’m sweating like crazy. And what concerns me most is that I’m getting tired during practice.”

Now for the reassuring news. Despite all the shirt-changing, Nadal has yet to drop a set.

The interesting thing in the quote is that anxiety is not part of the problem in his case. This is not true for me and many other hyperhidrosis sufferers. In fact anxiety is one if the main factors for many people who suffer from too much sweat. Anxiety and worry will make your existing sweat problem worse for most people.

Nadal’s problem is obviously much more to do with the virus that he had. This is why it is so important to find out exactly what is causing you to sweat too much. Obviously the top tennis player in the world will have his own doctors and advisers on hand to help him. He is like a well oiled tennis machine ready to do battle in his next game.

So if you have too much sweat you should find out exactly what is causing it. Then you can start treating it appropriately. There are many treatments from medication to dietary advise and help.

Sweating Too Much And Drinking White Wine

The first time I discovered the effect of alcohol on my sweating I was really surprised. I always thought that drinking too much water would cause excess sweat. Well I have discovered that drinking alcohol does indeed make you sweat more. If you already have a sweat problem then the problem is magnified. I first discovered the problem last summer and wrote about alcohol and sweat to help people realise the connection.

At that time I had no idea that this was a common problem for heavy sweating people. Having done some research I know that most advisers say that you should not drink any alcohol with a sweat problem. The common opinion is that the worst culprit is white wine. There is little variance between a Chablis or a Muscudet Or a Sauvignon Blanc. All of them will get even people without a severe problem sweating after a glass or 2.

An even bigger problem can be found by people at night if they already suffer from night sweating. There is something in these white wines that must effect the sweat glands and wake them up.

I have found that you have to really abstain from wine to stop this contributory factor. Other alcoholic drinks such as beers and ciders are not so bad. The least problems are found with the spirits such as Brandy, Whiskey and Rum. You just need to be careful what mixers you use with them. The main problem is that wine goes so much better with a meal than other drinks.

If you want to stop sweating too much then stopping the drinking of white wine will certainly help. The guide I use to help me,The stop sweating and start living program, doesn’t talk too much about this aspect of sweating but in all other respects it is brilliant. I recommend it if you are in a daily struggle with too much sweat.

For more help on stopping sweating Click HERE

Can Herbal Tea Stop Excess Sweating?

When I first started drinking herbal teas it was nothing to do with me sweating too much. I had other health

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issues that meant I couldn’t drink milk. So I started searching for other hot drinks that I could make. The only ones I really enjoyed were the herbal teas. There is a dazzling array of types on sale in supermarkets here in the UK. I’m sure its the same worldwide. But not all herbal teas have the same benefits. Most of them are good for something and you can buy complete books on what to serve up to cure various ailments.

So can herbal tea stop excess sweating? I think it is true to say it can help reduce sweating for some people. It is going a bit too far to say it will actually stop your sweating completely. If you have a sweat problem then you will know that you have a set of your own ways to reduce the sweat problem you have.

Sage Tea for helping reduce sweating.

After looking into the best herbal tea for helping sweat problems the front runner appears to be Sage. The pure and simple herb you can grow in your garden can help with too much sweat. Because it acts as an astringent it can dry your skin and reduce excessive sweat and secretions from your skin. It works on most types of sweat problem including night sweats and hot flushes.

A 2005 study at the School of Public Health, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, found that in a controlled trial sage and alfalfa reduced severe hot flushes by 60% compared with a placebo.

How to Make Sage Tea

To make your own sweat cure herbal tea simply pick 10 sage leaves from your sage plant and put them into a cup. Pour on hot (Not boiling) water and stand for 2 minutes. Remove the sage leaves and drink. I have to say it is an acquired taste. But you can add flavour to mask the sage taste. Lemon, honey or mint work fine.

I haven’t looked for sage tea in the shops as I have plenty of sage in my garden. You can buy sage tablets that will also help with your excess sweat problem.

Find out about a natural cure for sweating HERE

Symptoms of Weakness and Sweating? – Some Well Known Causes

If you are suffering symptoms of weakness and sweating and this is new to you then you should seek

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medical advice straightaway. If however your weakness and sweating is a regular occurence then read on. For many years I suffered from excess sweat and a lightheaded weak sensation. There was nothing that seemed to be causing it – or at least that’s what I thought. Eventually in my early 20’s I decided out of sheer frustration to find out what causes sweating. More recently I found a health program that has all but cured my excess sweating and weakness. Click HERE for more info.

I was surprised at the number of possible causes there are for sweating. In my case the problem was caused by a number of things from the list below. I will spare my blushes by sharing them if that’s OK with you. For you however the group of sweat causes could be different. I found out by experimentation how to reduce my sweating and lightheadedness over a period of about 10 years. I must also thank my wife for helping diagnose some of the triggers that I had not thought of.

The main areas to look at are as follows.

Stress, anxiety and nervousness are now recognised as causing weakness and sweating. I wonder if this is where the saying “weak at the kness” comes from.

What you eat and drink can have a huge impact on your health – including your sweat levels. Spicy foods and alcoholic drinks being the main culprits. Caffeine rich drink also have an adverse affect for some people.

Obesity and being overweight is known to cause sweating and weakness. This is one of the hardest ones to beat as it involves a complete life change to reduce weight.

Time of life changes. The main ones are puberty, onset of menstruation, and the menopause. For teenagers this can be a disaster as the extra sweat and feelings of weakness are awful for a person just finding their way in the world. (It’s hard to impress a girl when your armpits are like a shower of perspirtaion and excess sweat – believe me).

Serious illness is the final area of causes for weakness and sweat. This is often overlooked. The person who has a severe illness doesn’t realise that it might be directly connected to their health problems. I can’t comment on this last one as I have as yet not had a serious illness but I know from others that this can be a real problem.

In some of these causes there is not an easy cure. But for the vast majority you can help yourself by taking the obvious steps to keep your sweat levels down. For me I have to do a number of things that I learnt from the Stop Sweating and Start Living program. I still have the odd weird day when nothing seems to work but for most of the time my sweating and weakness are gone.

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Excess Sweating and Alcohol – You do not want to know this!

Well here in the UK summer has arrived for 2009. I have just spent an idyllic afternoon sitting in my garden in the sunshine. the temperature must have hit 25% centigrade which is very pleasant without being too hot.

Click Photo To Stop Sweating

Click Photo To Stop Sweating

There is even a cooling breeze wafting across the lawn and I am as cool as a cucumber. So Here I am sitting in the full sun and not a bead of sweat anywhere. Well OK maybe the odd signs of sweating but nothing to worry about. Certainly not the usual excess sweat I am used to having.

Alcohol and Excess Sweating

Then what do I do. I decide that the afternoon would be even more perfect if I had a glass of wine. That was a big mistake. Halfway through my glass of pinot grigio I can feel my temples welling up. Sure enough a few moments later There is sweat pouring down my face. I always find that alcohol affects my face more than anywhere else. Facial sweating is so hard to hide. I was sitting in my patio chair reading a book and my face was like rivers of sweat.

The Bad News About Sweat and Alcohol

For many people with a sweat problem alcohol is the trigger. For some it is the only trigger. For others it is one of a set of triggers. As well as an immediate onset of excess sweat you also will find that you sweat too much in bed. I have often woken up in the middle of the night dripping with sweat because of drinking wine or other alcohol during the previous day.

The Main Culprits

This is not a scientific list – just what I have discovered from experience. I find that certain drinks have a greater affect than others. The worst one by far is white wine. In particular sweet and medium white wine. Then there are sparkling wines, ciders and champagnes. Following this are strong beers and lagers. Then alcoholic drinks that have the least affect on excessive sweating are spirits and red wines.

Alcohol is not good for excess sweat

Alcohol is not good for excess sweat

The best thing to do of course is to abstain completely from alcohol which is what I do most of the time. This afternoon I simply couldn’t resist the idea of a glass of wine on a lovely English summer afternoon. My own fault really.

For more information on alcohol and the causes and cures of excessive sweating click here. the Stop sweating and start living information is just the best.

What you eat can affect how much you sweat

Have you ever noticed than when you eat a hot curry you perspire more than normal. Well this is no accident. The spices and herbs in these types of dishes make the food taste hot but also speed up your metabolism and sends your blood round your body much faster. This in turn makes you sweat too much.

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Click Photo To Learn More

There is another group of foods that also make you sweat more and that is a group I call overprocessed foods. This is basically convenience foods and meals such as chocolate, ready meals, crisps, hamburgers and the like. There are chemicals in these overprocessed foods that make your body work much too hard to digest them. One of the side effects of this is excessive sweating.

Even plain white bread can be a problem for very sensitive people. To reduce the effect that your diet has on your sweating you should include more unprocessed simple foods such as fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, wholegrains, etc.

If you make a change in your diet away from the overprocessed foods you should see a big improvement in your excess sweat problem.

More info HERE