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Armpit sweating – It doesn’t have to continue

Armpit sweating is the most common form of sweating area of our bodies. We all know people who always have dark wet patches under their arms. You, like me, might be one of those people.

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For most people the use of standard deodorants which reduce the sweating and mask the slight odour, coupled with a good hygiene routine, is sufficient. For others a stronger solution is needed.

What some people do not realise is that there are stronger deodorants with chloride that can help those who suffer from excessive sweating. They seem to stop the released sweat reaching the skin’s surface.

Another option is “Botox” treatment where a doctor will inject Botox into the armpits to interrupt the sweating process. This can be effective for anything from 3 to 9 months.

A cheaper approach is to look at what we eat and drink. Some foods are known to trigger over-sweating. These are foods like curry and hot spicy dishes. Another trigger is alcohol. If you suspect these could be affecting you then obviously avoidance of these things could well help.

It is also worth looking at one’s diet as a whole. Sometimes we load our bodies with so much processed foods that our kidneys and liver struggle. In these circumstances a good idea could be to change to a G I type of diet with lots of natural foods and to include some good vegetable and fruit juicing drinks. These can help the body by clearing it of all the “rubbish” we can fed ourselves. Herbal teas are another good way to help the body to detox. Think of it as a way of clearing the tubes to help you to breathe more easily. but these methods are not the only cure

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Underarm sweating can be unstoppable and unreasonable

The most common form of excessive sweating (Also called hyperhidrosis) is underarm sweating. The symptoms are too much sweat coming from the armpits. This can be a continuous flow which usually indicates a medical disorder. It can however be simply due to stress and external pressures.

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The underarm sweat seems to keep on coming and you can feel almost inhuman because of the extent of it. It is nearly always at its worst when you least want to be in situations such as meeting new people and going to an interview. Stress and anxiety will increase the body temperature and in turn increase the flow of sweat.

If you suffer from this sweat problem then it can feel completely unreasonable that you have this problem while others do not. It seems almost vindictive in its presence. Can you hear the voice of experience here ;). There are underarm pads that you buy to wear inside your clothes but this is really a patch up job rather than a complete answer.

Newer research has come up with a sweat cure the specifically concentrates on the underarm sweat problem. As a result of this research the author has published his sweat cure system in “Stop Sweating And Start Living“. It has proven to work with this particular sweat issue with a 96% success for regular sufferers

Underarm pads as a treatment for underarm sweating

Do you suffer from embarrassing underarm sweating?

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Are your clothes always getting sweat marks that will not come out?
Are you looking for a way to stop the problem

There are a number of underarm pad solutions on the market and for some people they are a good solution. This is what they do.

• protect clothing from stains and odours
• absorb excess sweat from your arms
• they are very discreet and thin
• they are easily applied with self-adhesive strips
• they are suitable for all fabrics
• they are made with hypoallergenic material

The pads can be sewn into your clothes permanently or stuck on with sticky pads.

If your sweat problem is restricted to your underarm areas then underarm pads are a great and simple solution. If you are looking for a more permanent solution to stop sweating altogether then I would recommend the Stop Sweating and Start Living program that treats the causes of sweat and can provide a remedy in about 2 weeks. Learn more HERE