The Stress of Sweat And Excessive Sweating

The first time I even noticed my excessive sweating was as a teenager. I had always sweated far too much as a child and young teenager but it didn’t really matter to me until as a teenager one of my peers told me I was sweating too much. Actually they didn’t phrase it quite as nicely as that and made sure that plenty of other people in my school year were aware of the problem.

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Being thick skinned it had no affect on me as a teenager because I was mainly into sports and adventure so sweating was a part of life for everyone – just a bit more sweat for me.

When sweating really became a problem

The stress of my first years in work were what really created a problem. I had no idea you had to actually work hard and the demands of my early employers came as a huge surprise. I now see this from the side of an employer and it is much more fun. I discovered that there ia a vicious circle between stress at work and excessive sweating that I was completely trapped in. I had to wear a suit to work which made the sweating even worse and sometimes I would go home mentally stressed and dripping like I had been swimming in my clothes.

How to stop sweating

To solve the sweat problem I started a regime of washing and wear natural fibres. I also started to become less stressed as I got better at my job so I slowly overcame the problem. It would still be there in the background to get me if there was a crisis at work. Now with the methods of the stop sweating and start living program it is easier to keep cool physically and mentally.

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