Too Much Sweat – A Story about the Causes of Sweat

It all started with a phone call

This year I had a phone call from my daughter. Nothing unusual about that, she calls all the time. But the content of the call was different.

“Would you like to go on holiday with me this summer?” She asked

I thought about this for a split second and said “yes!” What’s a guy to do? My wife and I were going on holiday with our wonderful daughter. We talked about things for a few minutes and checked the dates which were fine. It was only at the end that I asked.

“Where are we going?” I was stunned to find out that we were going to the Maldives. It was a few days later I began to think about the heat and sweating and would that be a problem.

Sweating problems on a hot holiday island

It turns out that it gets very hot on an island in the Indian Ocean. While we were there the temperature was a minimum of 30 degrees day and night. When we landed in the capital Male the heat hit us like a wall. The heat did not leave until we left on the departing plane. I could see that I was going to have some difficulty with the extreme heat and my sweating problem. Well I was right in some ways and wrong in other ways. I found that if I was reading and sitting out in the sun or the shade there was no difference to my over sweating than when I was in England.

If I decided to go for a walk around the island then there was a problem with my sweating. In fact exercise in 30 degrees will always be a problem for most people with a sweat problem.

Causes of sweat and temperature

So at the risk of stating the obvious. Activity and exercise will cause you to sweat more in hot climates. This particularly true for underarm sweating and facial sweating. For me the rest of my body did not sweat any more. This was true for me but of course you might be different. Now I know that some sufferers will sweat regardless of the climate but for most people it is a trigger. If it’s hot then you sweat more. In the cold we sweat less.

How I survived my holiday in the heat

Well the good thing about our holiday was having access to three swimming pools. So if we went for a walk I always ended up jumping into a pool or the sea to cool off. If I just sat and read or was eating at the restaurant there was no difference to my sweat problem from being at home. I might even go on another holiday in the heat next year.

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