What are the Best Sneakers For Sweaty Smelly Feet?

If you have sweaty smelly feet then you will know the problems that come with it. You have to keep your sneakers or trainers on because otherwise you will be paddling in your own sweat across a room.

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As well as all the excess sweat itself there is the smell of sweaty feet as well. Now I have been looking into this on the internet and have discovered that some people “worship” Sweaty feet. There are even smelly feet worship videos.  I have no idea what that is all about so I won’t go there. I know from experience the problem of smelly sweaty feet.

When you are choosing footwear you do not want to spend all your days wearing “Jesus Sandals” or flip flops. I hate flip flops and my work does not allow me to wear them anyway. Sneakers and trainers are OK footwear for many people at work and in their daily lives. But what are the best sneakers and trainers for sweaty smelly feet?

I am not going to name brands here because I could get into trouble from some of the big names in the sneakers industry. There are  however a whole family of sneakers that you can wear that greatly reduce your sweaty feet problem. If you look at the whole market of trainers and sneakers there are 3 main types.

1. Sports Wear. These are really produced for people to play sports in. They are not designed for casual wear.

2. Standard trainers and sneakers with good grips and long lasting uppers are the second group. These are the worst offenders in terms of too much sweat.

3. Ultra lightweight sneakers. These are by far the best for people who have a sweat problem. I came across these when I saw a friend wearing some. I liked the look of them and asked where they had bought them. I was amazed to find a whole range of sneakers and trainers that were ideal for me as a sweat sufferer as well as looking great and feeling good. The uppers are so thin that they allow your feet to breathe. They also have more air holes in them. When you have them on you hardly know it.

Now your footwear is only a small part of the problem. You also need to deal with the whole issue of excess sweating.  I know that programs like Stop Sweating & Start Living Really work through my own experience. But it is good to know the best type of sneakers for sweaty smelly feet. They even look good.


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